Vision and Values


   "At Meadows Primary School and Nursery we enjoy learning, achieving and celebrating success together"


School Vision and Values

"Our School aims to create a safe and stimulating learning environment which encourages self-esteem and opportunities for self-expression.  This will ensure that every child can achieve their full potential in order to prepare them for life in Modern Britain".  


School Aims                                                                                                             

  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum incorporating the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and Religious Education.
  • Ensure that teaching and learning promotes a sense of achievement, positive attitudes and the wellbeing of every young person.
  • Ensure that all children behave well in a variety of situations and that acceptable standards of behaviour are endorsed by all those connected with the school.
  • Provide every child, regardless of race, gender or ability, with equal and full access to the whole curriculum.
  • Promote acceptable values and attitudes including respect and tolerance of others and of their beliefs and possessions.
  • Ensure every child can develop and achieve their full potential regardless of race, gender or ability with equal and full access to the whole curriculum.
  • Create a calm, safe, interesting and stimulating learning environment which encourages self-esteem and opportunities for self-expression.
  • Raise pupils' awareness and appreciation of the wider community through invited quests, outside visits and charitable fundraising events, in order to equip them for their role in a rapidly developing world.
  • Work closely with parents and governors to facilitate constructive discussion and encourage involvement in school activities to enhance the overall development of children.