At Meadows Primary School and Nursery it is our aim to celebrate achievement.

“We enjoy learning, achieving and celebrating success together”

We believe that attendance is a critical factor to a productive and successful school career.

The School Governing Body has revised the school’s attendance policy to bring it in line with the Local Authority Policy. The Local Authority Policy is for schools not to authorise leave of absence during term time for the purpose of holidays except in exceptional circumstances.

The Governing body ask that parents and carers conform with the Telford & Wrekin Local Authority and Government policy that family holidays should only be taken within the 13 weeks school holiday periods.

Please contact the Educational Welfare office Louise Simmons on 01952 385220 if you have any concerns about attendance.



Following the Supreme Court decision in the case of Isle of Wight v Jon Platt and the leave in term time case, Telford an Wrekin Council have released the following information:

Isle of Wight v Jon Platt and the leave in term time case.



Attendance Letter.pdf [ pdf | 3mb ]
Attendance Poilcy.pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]
Home school agreement.pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]
Leave in Term Time Absence Policy.pdf [ pdf | 4mb ]
Leave in Term Time Application Letter.pdf [ pdf | 7mb ]
Attendance Action Plan 2016- 2017.pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]