Assessment Information

From September 2014 the Government removed National Curriculum levels for all year groups. Schools are now free to decide how they assess children and to devise their own systems and processes. We now have an assessment system based around age related expectations as detailed in Curriculum 2014.

We use a system called the Sheffield SATS which uses a range of Steps and words like "Entering", "Developing" or "Secure" in relation to age related expectations.  Assess and review activities are planned as a part of daily learning and these are supported by Assessment weeks each half term. Together these inform Teacher Assessment judgements against ARE's. Parents are informed of their child's attainment and progress at the termly parents meetings and next steps are discussed.

We have devised a system of target sheets and Steps sheets taken from the Sheffield SATS to support our assessment systems and these can be found at the front of each child's book (For Reading, Writing and Maths). The children are familiar with their termly targets and Sheffield Steps sheets. These target sheets are also shared at the parent meetings.

Assessment Update
Expected Level of Attainment Across each Academic Year