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Our mission statement:

Forest School is an outdoor, free and stimulating learning experience. It allows all children to test themselves; build self- esteem and pride; develop new skills and learn the art of reflection.


Forest Schools is a long term programme delivered by trained practitioners within a natural environment (not necessarily a Forest!). Each Forest School programme is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within that group and is continuously developed as the children grow in confidence, skills and understanding.

The ethos of Forest Schools allows learners the time and space to develop skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experiences.

 Forest School at Meadows is an opportunity for all children to access a free, outdoor and stimulating learning environment. Across the course of the school year the children will be using the outdoors both on the school site and off site at ‘The Glade Forest School’ at Paddock Mound, to enhance the school curriculum, learn new skills, build self-confidence and have fun!

Activities range from team building activities and those that build self-esteem, to looking at the science of the wood, its history and future. The children will also have both Literacy, Numeracy and other curriculum areas (such as science, history, art, design and technology and geography) covered in Forest School sessions.


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Forst School Journal - Build A Boat - YR - January 2017.docx [ docx | 8mb ]
Forst School Journal - Outstanding Owls - Class 5 & 6 - January 2017.docx [ docx | 15mb ]
Forst School Journal - Take Me Cross The Water - Y2 - January 2017.docx [ docx | 14mb ]
Forst School Journal - Cosy Homes - Y2 - January 2017.docx [ docx | 15mb ]
Forst School Journal - Gwendol the Giant - Y2 - January 2017.docx [ docx | 15mb ]
Forst School Journal - Christmas Hangings - Y4 - December 2016.docx [ docx | 8mb ]
Forst School Journal - Final Session - Y4 - December 2016.docx [ docx | 16mb ]
Forst School Journal - The Show Queen - Y4 - November 2016.docx [ docx | 10mb ]
Forst School Journal - Stick Mobile - Y4 - November 2016.docx [ docx | 7mb ]
Forst School Journal - Shop's Open - Y3 - November 2016.docx [ docx | 13mb ]
Forst School Journal - Minibeast Feast - Nursery - October 2016.docx [ docx | 32mb ]
Forst School Journal - Scary Scarecrows - Nursery - October 2016.docx [ docx | 33mb ]
Forst School Journal - Class 7 & 8 - Nursery AM & PM - September 2016.docx [ docx | 31mb ]